Who Am I?

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So you've looked at my photos, now it's time to learn about the girl behind the camera.

Born in the Scottish Highlands, I'm an introverted country girl at heart. My childhood is full of climbing trees, building river dams with rocks with my brother, snowball fights in winter and trips to the West Coast with egg sandwiches and hot chocolate. 

When I moved to Edinburgh at seventeen, I was immediately taken in by it's beauty. Barring a few great years living it up in London, I've been here ever since. Now in my 30s, I can just about say I've lived here half my life which is probably the scariest sentence I've ever written.

Where It All Began

I must have picked up my first camera before I was five - of course it was film back in the day and my dad's array of lenses and gear always intrigued me. One day I was finally allowed to use them, setting up shots as I began to navigate my way through complicated settings and having to wait weeks, sometimes months before dad sent off the film for processing, to see the results. 

All grown up, I shoot now on Nikon DSLRs as opposed to my dad's old Canon film camera. Mirrorless cameras intrigue me, but haven't quite converted me. At the end of the day it's about creating fantastic images, and you don't need a Nikon Z9 to do that. 

My Dad and I at a Roger Waters concert

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On a rare wedding-free weekend

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My Passion, My Work

The beautiful thing about photography is that it's more than just taking a shot of a scene directly in front of you. There's a million different ways to capture the same moment and figuring out the best combination of angles and settings feeds the creative in me. It is easy to press the shutter, but it takes much more to make it a photograph.

There's no doubt that weddings are my absolute favourite thing to photograph. As much as dramatic landscapes captivate my imagination, it's the creativity around wedding photography that ignites my passion. Even though I work closely with my couples before the day itself, arriving in the morning presents a maze of creative challenges - and I love it. You have to be flexible and quick-witted, and when I get that iconic shot for the couple I can't wait to get home and edit. Nothing beats that feeling of delivering an album knowing your photos will be treasured for decades to come.    

My approach to wedding photography is to make everyone around me completely at ease. I consider myself an introvert, so I'm acutely aware of how a stranger turning up in the middle of the most important day of a couple's lives might feel on their family & guests. I want everyone to feel like I'm just another guest - who also is walking about with 3 cameras, a couple of flashes and enough batteries and SD cards to start a small shop.

Beyond the Lens

Stepping away from the camera, I still like to get creative. With a few fiction books published, I enjoy both writing and reading. My favourite book is 2001: A Space Odyssey by Arthur C. Clarke. My favourite line in it  talks about the infinite chances of evolution and the potential lost if not for a single, isolated thought of curiosity. Another favourite is Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? If you are spotting a bit of a Sci-Fi theme, you are definitely on the money.

Hillwalking is also something I love doing though I never feel fit enough on the way up a mountain! Does anyone?! I love travelling and seeing new sights, and especially love the water, whether it is by a peaceful loch or watching the tide crash against the shore. As often as I can I love sea-kayaking, having first experienced it in Canada. I have to focus hard not to believe there are sharks beneath me at all times.

I like to think my sense of humour gets me through life and keeps me sane, though my partner Anthony would probably dispute this claim of sanity! I grew up on Blackadder and The Young Ones, and my firm favourites are The Thick of It and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Anthony and I in Canada

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The ocean is our favourite place...

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...but mountains are a close second

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