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There's something magical about a wedding. The moment I wake up on a wedding day, I look out my window and smile at the sunshine and I like to think that my brides and grooms are, at that same moment, also looking out and grinning about all that's to come.

Take a look at my recent wedding blogs to find out a little more about life as a photographer, and explore the story of some of my favourite weddings.

Fingal, Edinburgh

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Pippa & Paul

A wedding that was more than just a mingle on Fingal, but a celebration of two families joining together as one. A unique occasion on a luxury hotel ship that is full of love, warmth & family - and bonus karaoke.

The Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh

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David & Alexia

A perfect Autumnal day, the sun's rays piercing through the tall branches of the giant sequoia's and down upon the ceremony at John Muir Grove, this is the story of how a beautiful couple said "I do" to the rest of their lives.

Timberyard, Edinburgh

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Rosemary & Ian

Rustic outdoor ceremony at Timberyard under the shadow of Edinburgh Castle, join Rosemary & Ian for their wedding day on a sunny September. Twists on Scottish traditions and a tour of some of the city's most famous streets, this is one wedding you'll not forget in a hurry.

Featured in Your Scottish Wedding

Green Craig, East Lothian

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Collette & Ali

Castles, hotels, about hiring out a mansion by the beach, with a hot tub, a dozen bedrooms and the most perfect space for a ceremony? Read about Collette & Ali's beautiful small wedding and see some of the best views in East Lothian.

Riddles Court, Edinburgh

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Anna & David

Anna & David just wanted to get married. With only two witnesses allowed at their wedding and no receptions allowed, read about how this exceptional couple had the best day of their lives in the middle of a pandemic.  

Have a sneak peek at some of my other favourite weddings below

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