Environment Policy

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My Workplace is Your Environment

My photography can take place anywhere. From castle weddings to engagement shots at the beach, through to landscapes of snowy mountain peaks and rushing rivers in spring. This planet is precious and so are the living things on it.

On Location

If you are on location with me, I ask that you respect the environment we are in. I will take only photos and I ask you to leave only footprints. Please do not litter and if you have brought a pet, please ensure any mess is cleaned up afterwards. 

Waste Paper

Please avoid printing receipts and invoices where possible. All contracts, invoices and wedding schedules are digital only, and I will never ask you to print anything.

We can all do our little bit to save this planet. Whether that's reusable cups, using less packaging, cooking more meals without pre-prepared ingredients, cutting back on international travel or recycling more.

Climate Change Affects Us All

We are not the only creatures on this planet affected by Climate Change. Over 60% of the world's animal population is in decline. It's important that we act now more than ever.


Through WWF I sponsor a Rhino. One of the most endangered species, Rhinos are poached for their horns. Despite being made from keratin, which our own fingernails are made from, these poor herbivores have been hunted such that their numbers are critically low. With the help of WWF, they stand a fighting chance. Please consider adopting an animal through this charity or one of your own choosing.     

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