Family Photography

They celebrate us for who we are, raise us up when we are down and are with us for all the milestones in life. Mum, Dad, Step-parent, annoying sister, cheeky brother, wise aunts, angelic cousins or the ones who have been there for you since forever: whoever makes up your family, be sure to make as many memories with them as possible.

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A Day to Remember

Family life is hectic - between work, nursery, housework, cooking and the endless school clubs, finding the time together can be a challenge. While you might have dozens of photos of your kids doing daft things, with life always on the go you probably struggle to find one with you all together. Booking a Family Photography experience is not just an album of great pictures, but also a fun couple of hours together.

Don't Say Cheese!

Having Family Photography is not about awkwardly staged photographs and forced laughter. I am here to capture the moments that make you grin - the whacky, the crazy, the absolute weird are all welcome. My photography will show more than just a family having a fun day, but the love and bonds between them and the little moments of joy that make your tribe unique. 

Be yourselves and have fun in front of the lens. 

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Family Photography Experience

One of the most common questions about family photography is where it will take place. Your Family Photography experience can take place in a range locations:

- At home with or without my portable studio

- In your garden

- At a local beauty spot, woodlands, a family favourite walk

Wherever we are, you'll receive some beautiful photographs and enjoy a special time with the ones you love the most.

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