Frequently Asked Questions

"Do I have lipstick on my teeth? Did I blink? Why did that spot have to appear today?"

Those are just the questions you'll have running through your mind during the photoshoot!

This page is here to help you find answers to any questions you may have about my services and my photography.

General FAQs

Q: What is a deposit?

A: A deposit is a part-payment of your package taken at the point of booking. It is non-refundable and is required in order to secure your booking. Deposits vary per package.

Q. How do I make payment?

A: For every booking, I will send an invoice with a full breakdown of your package, deposit and any discount applied. This invoice will contain a secure link to make payment through PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and American Express.

Q: What is a Contract of Services?

A: In order to book, you'll be required to sign a Contract of Services. This contains full details of the package you have selected, your right to cancel and reschedule as well as other important details of the services offered. 

Q: Will you use my photographs on your website or social media?

A: Although copyright to your images always remains with me, I will never share an image publicly without your permission. As part of your photo release there is an opt-out should you prefer for me not to use these images as part of my portfolio. You can also stipulate to limit the number of images used or select which ones I can. I never share your full gallery.

Q: Do you edit your photographs?

A: Yes. I shoot in RAW, and I would never deliver unedited photographs in this format. My editing style is natural, and I work carefully to ensure that I enhance the images and style them in a way that is reflective of the day itself. 

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Wedding FAQs

Q: How many images will I receive?

A: Every package has a minimum guarantee for the number of images I deliver. Please see my Packages & Pricing for the exact numbers. I will always try to deliver more than the minimum number where possible.

Q: Where is my digital album located?

A: A private gallery will be created for your digital wedding album. This will be password protected, though you can share this with your friends & family. Your album will be available online indefinitely, though if I do need to archive I will inform you with 90 days notice.

Q: What equipment do you use on the day?

A: I always shoot with 2-3 cameras and a range of lenses. All cameras have dual SD card slots and I always carry spare memory cards and batteries. 

Q: Do you use flash?

A: Only if I have to. In most circumstances, I will work with the natural light available. When I do need to use flash, this will be done in a discreet way. I will never point the flash directly at you, and will work creatively to deflect and diffuse the flash light. 

Q: Do you have a second shooter?

A: I am a sole businesswoman and photograph your wedding day by myself. I can capture all elements of your day. If you want a second shooter, please get in touch for a bespoke quote.

Q: Do you require a meal?

A: If you would like to offer me a meal, that would be amazing but there's no obligation to. I am a strict vegetarian as well. 

Q: I'm not sure about extras or an album  - can I change my mind later?

A: Absolutely. You can even book in a free album design session to see real examples and samples of my albums, frames and other extras. All my extras and albums can be purchased up to 12 months after your wedding date.

Q: Do I need to pose?

A: I try not to use the word pose, as that's not the style of photography that I want to offer. Instead I guide you into 3 natural semi-candid poses that I encourage you to play around and interact with in your own way.

Q: How are photographs selected for my album or prints?

A: I will ask you to select around 50-100 of your favourite photos and I will design your album from them. I will select from the candidates the best images that work on the page layout. You will be able to proof the album before it goes to print. For any prints, you will have the opportunity to select your favourites.

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Photography FAQs

Q: Do you "Photoshop" the images?

A: I'm asked this a lot - as there's a misconception between editing and completely changing an image beyond the original. All images are taken in RAW format, and I apply professional edits to each photograph as is required to enhance and naturally stylise in a way that is reflective of your day. Nothing that wasn't there will be added digitally. I do not "airbrush" or use techniques to significantly alter anyone's appearances.

Q: I am worried about my scars, cellulite or acne appearing in photographs?

A: Our bodies are all unique and as much as I would love to swipe away my own stretch marks and cellulite, as part of my editing process I do not remove these as standard. By request, you may ask me to remove something you do not wish to be seen. For temporary things like spots, I will mask or remove them. 

Q: Can I print my photographs?

A: Through your personalised link, you may select as many photographs as you wish to print professionally. These will be processed through my preferred professional print suppliers and fulfilled by them. As this is an additional service, these is an additional price list for the full range of print services. This is ideal for smaller prints. You can also purchase prints, albums and bespoke frames as part of my Extras.  Should you wish to use another supplier to print your photographs, you will be fully entitled to do so as part of your Photo Release.

Q: Who owns the copyright to the photographs?

A: I will always retain copyright to the photographs taken. This is standard practice for UK photographers. As part of your Photo Release, you will be granted a lifetime use, which means you can print and use on social media.

Q: Do I receive full resolution and watermark free images?

A: Yes. The average file size is around 20mb, though some might be more. No images delivered to you will be watermarked.

Have a question? Email me and I will be happy to answer!

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