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If you've hopped over to my About Page or taken a mouse scroll through my Landscape Gallery, you'll know that I love photographing nature, whether that's in Scotland, Europe or beyond.

Growing up in the Highlands, it's easy to become accustomed to what's around you. When I lived in London, friends would consider Richmond Park a luxurious escape to the countryside, neglecting the several roads that run right through it and the near constant sound of airplanes landing at Heathrow. More recently, a friend described a town just outside Hayward's Heath as "proper countryside".  This person did also ask what the bus network around Kingussie was like, so maybe I shouldn't consider their opinion on countryside too highly!

Being a child in the Cairngorms was a fantastic experience. My parents always took my brother and I out for walks around our area, where we would find spots to play hide and seek or paddle our feet in the river.

The Highlands that my parents fell in love with in their twenties is not the same one I grew up, nor indeed is the latter even the same as the Highlands I now take my partner to

With each generation, the Scottish Highlands is becoming a little less than it was before, and were we to go back even two hundred years you might find yourself in a country you wouldn't  recognise.

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The photographs above were not taken in Scotland, but the very first time I entered this forest I felt a sense of loss. While these species are not native to Scotland, they represented a natural forest that should be covering our land had mankind not intervened.

Each forest I visited in Canada was rich in foliage and almost hauntingly ancient. It is without question that other countries have similar battles between mankind and nature, and I am sure that Canada is no exception, but the precious forests along the Pacific Rim in British Columbia reminded me so much of the Caledonian Forest in Scotland that we are so close to losing entirely.

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Hope for a better, vibrant, greener future

At the bottom of the slopes leading up to Loch Nagar, there lies a small part of natural forest that was a wonder to walk through. Though small, it is is not entirely gone and it's from these little preserved pockets that we can be reminded of what our great country could look like.

This little wooded area was as breath-taking as the views from the top of Loch Nagar and it was no surprise that we stopped to take in the atmosphere of the place.

It's for this little wood at Glen Muick, and for the outcrop of native trees around the Cairngorms and out to the West Coast near Loch Maree that I have decided to try and make a difference and give back to Scotland.

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My Pledge

I am so excited to announce that for every wedding booked - no matter the package - I will be donating one tree to my corporate grove, set up via Trees for Life.

Even more excitingly, you can also get involved!

You can donate directly through my corporate grove or create your own personal grove independently.

Every tree bought is planted, and the team at Trees for Life have done fantastic work around Scotland. Their mission is to rewild our country with a variety of native trees that will never be cut down, creating habitat for thousands of species of flora and fauna. Their groves are planted remotely, so that they can grow and thrive as nature intended and far away from the interference of tourism and industry. Please visit Trees for Life for more information about their outstanding work.

On my corporate grove page, you'll be able to see how many trees I have helped plant as well as any other donations made via my grove. So for a gift that will last not just a lifetime, but generations to come - please consider donating as part of your package or encourage your wedding guests to donate as well.

Our world is losing habitat, and our climate is changing. It's not too late to make a difference.

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