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Genuine Moments, Captured Creatively

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What's My Vibe?

If you're looking for a relaxed & fun photography experience that feels spontaneous and carefree, then read on... 

Wedding photography for me is about so much more than the technical aspect of taking great pictures. It's about being present in the moment, understanding a couple's vision, their family, their love, the buzz and energy of the day.

My values are centred around delivering a wedding photography experience that feels natural and fun, with minimal structured posing and ensuring my couples are having the best time of their lives.

When I'm on candid mode, I'm blending in with your friends & family to get those in-situ shots of the day's events. Occasionally I'll set up a shot, like confetti, sparklers or a First Look with Dad, but every scene plays out naturally, with no direction or distraction, meaning every reaction, every tear, every broad grin is genuine.

Couples who book me want to enjoy their day without feeling the pressure to spend hours taking photographs. Give me 5 mins and a sunset and I'll give you magic and memories to treasure forever.

Freedom to Be Yourselves

Hitting the shutter button is one thing, but delivering authentic images that don't feel posed, awkward or staged is another. The number one thing that all my couples say at the end of a wedding day is how having me shoot their day felt just like having an old friend around. 

We'll be spending some of the most precious hours of your life together, so you'll want to know what I'm like to be around and see if we are a good fit together. I'm relaxed, easy going, but confident and direct when I need to be and I'll always be one step ahead of you on the day, coordinating with your other suppliers to ensure your day runs smoothly. Through my sense of humour, I've an instant ability to put a room full of nervous bridesmaids or groomsmen at ease, and I've always got an eye out for an emotional bride, groom,  mum or dad should they need a wee moment of composure. 

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Natural Yet Creative

Yes, you can have the best of both worlds. 

For the vast majority of the day, I'll be on candid mode, pointing my lenses at the people who matter most to you as well as getting artistic shots of your wedding day details such as the flowers, rings and evening reception atmosphere. Your candid images will have a real, authentic feel to them, catching moments of laughter or quirky events, old friends meeting and new families bonding.

I try to minimise the structured & posed side of photography. Of course we'll get your family formals, but we won't spend hours of these - my record is 12 minutes for immediate family & wedding party. Rather than disappearing with me immediately after the ceremony, you'll the chance to enjoy some fizz, greet your guests before we start group shots and we'll rarely go straight into couples portraits afterwards. Breaking up this photography time into smaller sessions means you get to fully experience your reception - and remember, I'll always plan some time for more couples shots in the evening when the light is golden and the sun is setting.                 

It's during your couples portraits and evening reception that I'll let my creative juices run wild, all the while encouraging you to be yourselves and bring out your personality and who you are as a couple. From backlit shots in the rain to catching the suns rays in your wedding dress, to throwing some light on the dancefloor for great candids that still capture the atmosphere of your night's celebrations, there's so many variations to creatively record your special day.     

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That's creative & candid photography - the best of both documentary and fine art style wedding photography that captures the heart & soul of your party, your family and your love.

Don't Take My Word For It

Placing your trust in the right photographer is one of the biggest risks you'll take when planning your wedding. So don't just believe me, believe my previous couples who trusted me with their own day:

Award Winning Wedding Photography

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2023 & 2022 Hitched Awards Winner

Best Photographer in Edinburgh & Lothians

2022 UK Bridebook Photography Awards Winner

Winner - Best First Look

Shortlisted - Best Candids

Shortlisted - Best Themed Weddings

2022 Weddings Inc Awards Winner

Best Photographer in Scotland


Winning awards isn't everything, but it is awesome!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote for me in all the awards nominations I've been up for. It's a huge privilege to be photographing your day, let alone winning awards for it. 

These awards are not just for some pretty pictures, but are about my record for delivering some of the best rated wedding photography packages in Scotland. A beautiful, timeless wedding gallery is just the end product of months of dedication, creative decisions and service to my wonderful, gorgeous couples. 

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As Featured In

As a photographer featured in many high end directories and exclusive magazines, you can trust that my work & services are of extremely high value & quality. Being a wedding photographer is more than just taking great pictures, it's about knowing the industry & having the experience to deal with dynamic environments & situations. With me, you've got someone who is flexible, pragmatic and won't be fazed by a drop of rain.

Rock My Wedding - Recommended Suppiler

Your Scottish Wedding Magazine - Featured Photographer

Edinburgh Wedding Directory - Featured Member

Hitched UK - Recommended Supplier

Bridebook - Photography Awards Winner

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