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November 16, 2023

Edinburgh is one of the trendiest places to get married in, even if you don't call this beautiful historical city home. From the grandeur of Edinburgh Castle, the charm of its cobbled streets, and the awe-inspiring landscapes that surround it make for a perfect backdrop for wedding celebrations. That's without mentioning many of the gorgeous wedding venues just outside the city, such as Arniston House or Dundas Castle. So whether you are opting for an Edinbugh city centre elopement, or grand celebrations in one of the many luxury wedding venues nearby, you'll want to have a wedding photographer by your side to capture those epic moments. But while the experience of getting married in a UNESCO world heritage site is priceless, your wedding photography won't be.


So how much should you be paying for a wedding photographer?


The price of wedding photography in Edinburgh can vary greatly, largely depending on the photographer's experience, the duration of the event, the location, and the specific services required. On average, you can expect to spend anywhere from £800 to £2500 on a professional wedding photographer in Edinburgh.


You might be thinking, "Yikes" at the prospect of spending thousands on one person for a few hours, but there's a lot more to wedding photography than just turning up on the day. So here's what you're really paying for when you hire a professional wedding photography.


Skill & Experience

A skillful professional will have many years experience under their belt - meaning they can rise to any challenge, and know how to strategise if things don't quite go to plan. Your wedding day will fly by, so you don't want to waste time with a photographer who hesitates or needs extra time to get a shot set up. You are also paying for their skill - just like you would for a carptenter or stone mason. Their skill is invaluable, and it's rarely got anything to do with how good their camera is.


Camera Gear & Equipment

Whilst gear isn't everything, a photographer can't do their job without decent professional cameras. A professional should shoot with dual cameras on the day, and have backups of everything in case anything goes wrong. Cameras and lenses cost thousands of pounds, plus you'll want them to carry battery & SD cards. Imagine having to stop the photography because their card is full? Every piece of equipment needs to be maintained as well, and insured.


Professional Editing

Your wedding photographs will be professionally edited. No matter the editing style, this step takes longer than the actual wedding day itself. Images need to be sorted through and selected for your final gallery, each image will be edited and then the whole gallery reviewed for consistency. There's software costs involved to perform these edits, and then to deliver them via your online gallery. Additional editing time may also be spent removing distracting items from your images - such as fire exit signs, bees flying past your face in the summer or twigs that have gathered up in your dress.


Pre-Wedding Planning

A professional photographer plans ahead, knowing your timeline and understanding your vision and the venue. They'll want to know what lenses they'll be taking on the day, and if you've hired a second shooter, they'll be wanting to plan how to best capture your day between them.



During May to October, photographers are super busy and their prices reflect their availability. Some photographers may only shoot on weekends or only take on a limited number of weddings each month. When a photographer is in high demand, you can expect a higher price tag too.


On the Day Coverage

From the moment you book right the way through to gallery delivery, the percentage of time your photographer spends at your wedding day is actually relatively small, when you compare to the investment in time your photographer makes into the planning & editing process. That said, you can expect a full day's coverage to begin somewhere around 11am and end around 9pm, with typically a 2hr break during your 3 wedding breakfast. Your wedding photographer is not just on their feet for 6hrs+ straight, but is thinking ahead, constantly planning, assessing the weather, remembering names & faces, keeping an eye on their camera settings, and ensuring they are in the right place at the right time.



As you can see, there's a lot more that goes into wedding photography than simply showing up on the day.



Wedding Photography Packages


Most wedding photography packages in Edinburgh include a pre-wedding consultation, where you and your photographer can discuss your vision and preferences for your big day. This is a vital step to ensure that the photographer fully understands your expectations and can plan accordingly to capture every moment you want to cherish.


Individual photographers may offer slightly different packages, but typically you should expect to see a full day option at around 8hrs, or half day options anywhere between 4-6hrs. Many photographers have base packages that are "Digital Only", which means you'll only receive the digital images in your gallery and no physical prints are included. Some photographers may offer frames, fine art prints or even wedding albums. These are premium quality products - and significantly different to the High Street print services you can get. Whilst you can make your own wedding album, it definitely won't be the same quality as these professional products as photographers have access to private print labs that only professionals can partner with.


Some wedding packages may include or have options to add on an Engagement Session. These are a fun couples session, designed to get you used to being in front of the camera ahead of your wedding day. It's a great opportunity to feel relaxed and at ease whilst your photo is being taken, as well as to understand the process your photographer has for taking your portrait. Often you can select your location for your engagement photoshoot, and other times you may have a selection of places to choose from.

One thing to also be aware of is the number of images included as part of your package. Many wedding photographers have a minimum guide and over deliver, some have a maximum they'll deliver and you may pay extra for additional images. It's best to be aware of what to expect from your gallery. Whilst 400 images sounds a lot, typically a full day's photography can deliver 700 unique images - with black & white copies on top. You'll definitely want variety to your gallery though - 400 unique images is better than 700 images that contain lots of similar scenes.

Remember, your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and these photographs will be your lasting memories of the day. Therefore, it's essential to choose a photographer who can document your special day in a way that reflects your personal style and tells your unique love story. For the right wedding photographer, it's worth going a little over budget to secure them. Hiring the wrong photographer based purely on price can lead to an awkward experience where you don't feel comfortable around them, and can even lead you feeling confused or anxious on your wedding day or in the weeks leading up to it.

In conclusion, while the cost of wedding photography in Edinburgh can vary, it often includes an array of services designed to ensure that every precious moment of your big day is captured beautifully. Think of your wedding photography as an investment instead of a cost - an investment in memories, in good times and in quality.


So, whether you're planning a grand, traditional wedding or a small, intimate ceremony, there's a wedding photography package in Edinburgh that's perfect for you.

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