Family Photography Sessions

January 4, 2024

Photographs are static moments in time - cherished memories to look back on at the touch of your fingertips. While photographs bring back emotions, feelings of love, joy and excitement, a professional photography session is an experience that allows you to feel more present in those family moments without digging out your smartphone - missing those precious seconds, or only partially appearing in a family selfie. Family photography sessions enable you to feel more present in the moment with your wee tribe - whether it's your youngest splashing in puddles, diving into leaves or playing hide and seek through mossy woodlands. All my family sessions are designed to be a mixture of fun, candid moments with your children or extended family as well as some family portraits. So let's splash, let's play, and let's make some memories.

Family Photography Experiences

I offer a number of family photography experience sessions, with dedicated hour long sessions perfect for small and growing families as a fun activity. We can head into your favourite woodland walk, or take run riot on the beach, building sandcastles, racing through the waves. These hour long sessions can be held with up to 6 people, and grandparents are especially welcome. We'll arrange a time and location in advance, and if the weather doesn't look like it's behaving itself then I'm always happy to reschedule. Of course, children and puddles definitely make for some fun photos too so if you don't mind the Scottish weather that much then let's head out and catch those golden moments.


Throughout the year I also offer Seasonal Mini Sessions. These are scheduled for a particular day and you can book your slot directly through my website. They typically are between 15-30 minutes at a set location. These are more family portrait style, with a few candids mixed in depending on the location. If you're looking to document your family throughout the year, they are prefect as they take place during each season. Keep an eye out on my socials and pricing page for the latest session dates & locations.

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