Hi, My name's Steph!

Weddings are wonderful occasions where people that might never ever meet come together for one perfect day of joy & celebration.
It's important to me that I'm delivering a wedding photography experience that feels fresh, energised & enthusiastic.
I want my couples to feel more present in the moment - my job is to capture fantastic memories for you to look back, your job is to experience them.

My adventurous side loves woodland walks, raging rivers and snow-capped mountains. My homely side loves Neom candles, a roaring fire and a home cooked meal. When it's thunder & lighting, you'll find me sitting by the window excited for the flashes and loving the heavy pit-pattering rain. Heavy snowfall makes me happy and I love walking along a remote beach listening to the sound of waves. Every time I'm near the ocean, I have to reach into the water and connect with it.

Wherever possible, I try to include Lord of the Rings references in all aspects of my life. I'm also deeply fascinated by ancient history and love learning new things about our planet, from geology to ecology as well as astronomy.

As an award winning wedding photographer, I know how to create a first class experience for my couples, where they feel taken care of, valued and above all able to be themselves.

I have a dark sense humour, and always find the find the funny side of life - there's always good banter to be had with you and you wedding party.
So if you hire me for your wedding day, I'm not going to be just a stranger with a camera.
There'll be laughter.
There'll be fun.
There'll be magic.

Celebrate your day!

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